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Furniture & Design Studio by Design Concepts Hawai'i



NOHONA KAUA'I was created with Kaua'i in mind. Most of the islands are flooded with invasive trees that are usually chipped after being cut. So while we see our native Hawaiian forests depleting, we also see the opportunity for resourcefulness and responsibility: use what get, when can.

At the studio you can see 'Akahi / The First Collection. These pieces were made exclusively on Kaua'i from invasive Java Plum hardwood. The only elements shipped to the island were the foam and fabrics for cushions. All upholstery fabrication was also completed on island.

Come check us out, aloha.



‘Ōlelo Hawai’i (Hawaiian Language)

n. Residence, dwelling, seat, mode-of-life, existence, relationship.

Made in PA. Coming to HI.
Studio stocked November.

Hayley K. Giorgio from Naue, Kaua'i, leads the focus of Nohona Kaua'i. Raised in a family of craftspeople, Giorgio pursued 3-d fine arts to then return home to work for late Interior Designer, Gail K Miller. This mentorship along with influences from upholsterer and mother, Lynn Ham Young, became the foundation of Giorgio's career in interior design. 

Architectural Designers and original founders of Design Concepts Hawai'i, Gary Tobey & Santo Giorgio, would then too be part of those significant mentors.

Mahalo nui to everyone involved in this project.  - Hayley

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